Sunday, July 20

Slacking off...?

Ok, so I didn't think it mattered, because, well, we've just been having too much summer fun. Which then leads to summer staying up all night long dancing till the sun comes up. Then that leads to exhaustion and recovering. And new bruises. [Reminder- logo for cruisin' for a bruisin'?]

But that's not why that matters. Why that matters is that I was actually asked about what we are doing with this and why and whatever else. That means someone's been reading this. So not only do I look as talkative and rambly as I am in the intro, I look irresponsible. I look like we are the kind of girls that say they are going to get something done, and then never get it done. No one likes to look like those kinds of girls.

So, I explained on the FBC full moon fiasco 40 to Christine (an asking party) that it might turn into one of those things where we have all the fun in the summer when everyone can't stop having fun, and then do the work for it when it gets a little less fun to be outside having fun. Maybe I'll get going on it sooner though.

One thing I had done (besides the fact that we actually had made a few logos, and Rose gave me her scanner/printer to put in my apartment until she moves into her new one) is make a list of things that could be made into logos, or funny little illustrations that could be included in our logos of fun project...and I think I'll start with posting that list that I've been keeping in my iPhone for what seems like months now.

I think both of us have been like, too boy crazy or something too. But I guess I can't officially speak for the both of us. I should also mention that very little of anything on this list actually makes sense, hence why we'll be turning them into visuals later.

Here's the list of logos:

-No more bummers/bunnies
-you should bring me a little peace and quiet.
-laser tag/rocknbowl/rollerrink carpet.
-your pope, your hope.
-play my balls [pinball]
---illustration thing--galapagos vs. trash island--darwinism.
-treasure map paces to restrooms in public places.
---the movie election vs the current dem race [drunk might i add]
-rose brand: GIF animation RAD-->BAD
-2rings branded boobs, around aereola
lip massage;sisterlocks [this was from some dude I went to college with telling me his fantasies about Rose one day while visiting her on a bartending shift...]
-HAHA A math equation: IF grapebomb=icebox, THEN redheadedslut=firecrotch.
--rap about missed connections.
-medicinal reality--alleycat ride pokerchip hint dude [nice context clue HL]
-if milk had a logo that looks really fast
-more like diggeri-don't. Beatbox!!!
-macaroni n cheese Thursdays
-drive by DJ's
-spicy spaces, tasty terms, hot 'hoods [i think this was a take a pic reminder]
-cat pee smell.
-faux croc/folk rock
-snack thyme [weed]
-lychee peachy
-you need roller skates!
-a real ball buster-- berry bomb.
-bad logo- you're grounded.
-PFD [personal flotation device] for drowning in PDF's [portable document format]
-burly arms Girly arms
-greatest hits tour of STL.
-unicorn cum shot --do unicorns come out of their horns? [ask andy@atomic]
-sirlee surly
-"i don't have barking spiders on my ipod" -mike on his 21st bday
-beer slogan logos- it's the water, keep it down, et cetera
-american apparel models made me hot. [bruises=ok]
-greco roman style wrastling
-___ girls don't clog the toilet, throw it away?
[that was a take on a sticker I saw at SXSW: "Austin chicks don't pee on the seat, wipe it up!"]
-can i pose for ya rose?
-I'm goin to Disneyland!
-pig tournament [this may get nixed, it doesn't make sense to me anymore]
-Xmas special with rose and me and cheesy video FX.
-orangina is a cocktail now?
-bugs bunny with dreads [haha meister]

ok it seems like i need to get back into listing because this is sort of funny too. It also makes me want to actually make these into illustrations or thumbnails for logos right away.

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